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Please help with my IPA  


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07/08/2018 11:22 am  

I'm new here,

Im after some help with my IPA, We are in receipt of wtc/ctc and dla, we don't pay rent or council tax, we are also self employed - although we don't earn a great deal.

Ive been asked to pay an ipa for just over £100 pm. They have gone through all the figures with me but I need a couple of questions answering.

1, Can they take into consideration my sons dla (he's at school) at present they are BUT the off shoot it straight away with travel expenses for him/us.

If they cant take it into consideration then our travel expenses should come out of the rest of our income? We dont own a car but spend alot on taxi's/public transport.

2, Can you include pet insurance as a outgoing/expense?

3, After you have agreed to the ipa can you ipa figure per month be changed? i.e lowered or going up?

Thanks for your help guys.


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