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OR requesting unsustainable payment plan  


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07/08/2018 11:24 am  

Hi, we have been through the BR and one of us (me) has been offered early discharge with no payments. My husband has been given a telephone interview and told that we have to pay £272 per month for the next three years. We are only just surviving, our cars are on their last legs and we both work. Two children under 18 - both at school.

They have not allowed anything that is not essential therefore we cannot afford to paint our rented house (part of the terms and without which we could be in breach of the rental terms and conditions) they have not allowed us anything but essential travel so we are in trouble for getting to a funeral as we do not have any spare cash. Is this normal? If this stands we will have to severely curtail ours and our children's travel and food..............HELP please Does anyone have the allowances that they work to?

They have only allowed us £400 per month for food for example and this is not do-able. Their allowance for mileage is way out of date as we are currently paying £8.25 per gallon for fuel but the allowance for us to get to work is half this! I will stop rambling now and hope for some help! I really thought we would be coming to an end of it now and that we would get the fresh start that we so badly need.


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