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How do I support my boyfriend through bankruptcy?  


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07/08/2018 11:25 am  

My boyfriend of eight months told me last night that he was going to go bankrupt. He is in the process of divorcing his wife (they have children) and he has recently moved into rented accommodation (after staying at his parent's house) as he signed his house over to his wife last year (he's not sure why he did this).

He's employed as a care worker earning £18,000 p.a. He hasn't told me the background behind the split, the finances or his past financial history (other than the fact that he was banished from the family home a few years ago for some kind of misjudgement) and I'm concerned now that having heard a little of what has been going on, he is incurably irresponsible with money.

He sometimes has to borrow from his parents and children to make ends meet. I want to support him and help him without being patronising as he's very proud (he's 45 btw) but I also think that he needs some kind of training or coaching to help him with his financial management in future. My background is contract law and finance so I'm very well equipped to help him with this but I don't want to appear to be laying down the law.

Has anyone been through this? Can anyone offer me any advice? I'm very worried as he is an old friend and a lovely man who would do anything for anyone but he also suffers depression and I know it's going to be a very hard time for him.


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